1023mb Jokes

My band is called 1023MB

We haven't gotten a gig yet

There's a band called 1023MB

It hasn't had any gigs yet.

Life is hard in a band

Me and the guys started a rock band, we call it 1023MB. But no matter how hard we look we cant find a gig.

I started a new band called 1023MB

We still haven't got a gig.

So I recently discovered this band called 1023MB, they're great and all but....

They've never had a gig.

Have you ever heard the band 1023MB?

Probably not, they've never made a gig.

There's a new band called "1023Mb"

They don't have any gigs yet.

I used to be in a band called 1023mb

But we never got a gig

Why does the band 1023mb suck?

They haven't had any gigs yet!

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