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A fortune-teller told me that in 10-15 years, I would suffer the most terrible heartbreak any man has ever faced. I was so upset over learning this.

I decided to cheer myself up -- I adopted a puppy, and I've never been happier!

My wife wanted me to get a Vasectomy

Since we were both on our late 30 and we were not planning on having more children
I told her: but what if 10-15 years from now something happens to you And I remarry with a much younger woman? She would want children wouldn't she ?
Now I don't need a Vasectomy, the kick was hard enough to prevent further offspring

I was s**... active at 10

It is now 10:15 and my arm is still sore...

p**... the irishman gets a job

p**... and his friend were hired to install telegraph poles.
After his first day his boss approaches and asks how many poles he put down yesterday.
p**... says "2"
"2!!" says his boss, "My other guys can put 10-15 poles in a day"
"yes, but do you see how far theirs are sticking out of the ground"

I found out my wife was cheating on me today.

She said "I'll be home in 10-15 minutes max"
...... My name is Aaron.

3 new inmates discussing their sentences

first new prisoner pipes up "i'm in for m**..."
the other two ask him "what did you get?"
second prisoner "i'm in for burglary and r**..."
"what did you get?"
third jailbird "i'm in for burning i**... immigrants"
"what did you get?"
"10 to the gallon!"

How much did it cost the Miami Heat to lose their spot in the 2021 NBA playoffs?

10-15 Bucks.

Phone Provider: The next call representative will be available in 10-15

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