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An alien lands today...Nov. 4, 2020

Alien: Take me to your leader
Me: Your going to have to wait 10-12 business days for us to sort that out.

Who cares if Apple is worth 10^12

I heard Google is worth 10^100

What do you get when you gather 10^12 puns about male cows?

You get one terabull pun.

What do you call 10^12 bulls?


Why is sleeping with a weatherman always disappointing?

Because he always promises 10-12 inches, but you only ever get 2-3.

You have 10^15 Files

Or 10^12 KiloFiles
Or 10^9 MegaFiles
Or 10^6 GigaFiles
Or 10^3 TeraFiles
Or a Petaphile

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