1010 Jokes

Today's a really good day...


10101 = 20

Sorry, I'm a bit high right now.

My wife asked me how she looked

I told her that she was a 10/10 and she hugged me, i had to inform her that 10/10 is still equal to 1

October 10th was such a great day


Trump marched into the white house

When trump became president obama was waiting for him at the white house.

Trump! You have to run around the entire white house while I time you, we have a little leaderboard said obama

Ok, im fast, the fastest. When i run you cant even see me trust me! Replied trump, incidentally what are the other presidents times?

Obama looked at his notebook, well I took 8:23
, clinton took 8:40, nixon took 10:10 and bush did 9:11.

Is your birthday the 10th of October?

Because you look like a 10/10!

I went on an "Authentic World War One Tour" the other day

Three quarters of our party died, we didn't go anywhere and it rained the whole time.


Are you the date?

Because you're 10/10

Crude Dental Work (In Australian)

Man on island, has bad tooth. Needs tooth removed. Friend with an axe is like, I know what to do mate. Uses axe to try to remove tooth but unintentionally knocks out all his teeth. First guy is like, Ouch-aroo mate, that is a 10/10 on the pain scale. Axe guy says, 'Hey man, it was Axe-y Dental'

This sub is the best.

It has salami, pepperoni, lettuce, black olives, green peppers, provolone cheese, and oil. 10/10

Today was a great day


October tenth is a day that I rate...


This time little Johnny got 10/10 in his homework!

Teacher: admit it Johnny, your mother helped you!
Johnny: no She didn't help me, she did it all alone.

The tenth of October is the only day of the year that I would recommend


Hey girl, were you born 3 weeks before Halloween?

Because you're a 10/10

You know Alexander Hamilton was a great man.

A real 10/10.

Today is 10/10, or as the super-strict Olympic judge calls it...

August 6th.

Did you hear about the kid who fixed the Internet?

The Internet: 7/10
The Internet with Rice: 10/10

Today is alright

I give it a 10/10


Today may have sucked, but it was still 10/10

My review of this day so far

10/10 nothing terrible happened

Today was awesome!


Are you possibly perfect and named after a southern state today?

Because you're Tentatively the only 10/10 I see, Tennessee

I had a great day today...

It was 10/10

My girlfriend is a real 10/10

I don't like them any older.

My friend asked me how my day was today

I said it's 10/10

My cake day is the best.

It's 10/10

I spilled water on my computer. 0/10.

10/10 with rice.

Today is a pretty good day,

a solid 10/10.

"Hey baby, are you today?"

"'Cause you're a perfect 10/10."

Today was a good day

It was 10/10.

Domestic Violence 1/10

10/10 with Ray Rice

A guy walks into a bar with a piece of ashphalt and orders a drink for himself...

10/10 would tell again

My wife's birthday is today.

She's a 10/10

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