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Grandpa's 100th birthday party was not a huge success.

The family wheeled him in his chair out onto the lawn for a picnic. When he slowly started to lean to the right, his daughter stuffed a pillow on his right side to prop him up. A bit later, he started leaning to the left. His son straightened him up and stuffed a pillow on his left side. Soon he started tilting forward. This time his other son caught him and tied a pillow around his waist.
A few minutes later, his grandson arrived. He said, Hey, Grandpa! How's life treating you?
Terrible, he said. They won't let me f**....

Today would have been Betty White's 100th birthday and a major snowstorm has hit the northeast US and Canada

I guess you could call this a Betty Whiteout

I got an e**... for my grandpa's 100th birthday.

She said that she would give him super s**.... He said "I'll take the soup."

People in China are all preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary - and so should we!

Winnie the Pooh's birthday is August 21, 1921 which is only about a month off :)

My Grandma died on her 100th birthday.

It was a real shame as we were only half way though giving her the bumps.

In honor of Finland's 100th Birthday

How do you tell a extroverted Finn?
He looks at your shoes when he's talking to you.

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