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100m Dash

A girl says to her friend "The last time I had sex was like the 100 meter dash"

Her friend says "What, over in 6 seconds?"

"No, with 8 black men and a gun."

A girl I know said the last time she had sex, it was like the men's Olympic 100m finals

I laughed, "Over in 9.5 seconds?"

"No," she said,

"Eight black men and a gun."

My last time having sex was like the 100m dash

There were 8 black guys and a gun

Last time I had sex, it felt like the 100m Olympic final.

There were 8 black men and a gun.

A blonde is in a swimming competition.

She comes in dead last in the 100m breast stroke. After she climbs out of the pool, she walks over to the referee.

"I don't want to sound like a whiner," she says, "but I think the other swimmers were using their arms."

Having only ever competed in the 100m dash, what did the professional sprinter say after his first 200m race?

I've finally turned a corner in my career.

Watching the olympic 100m is like witnessing a crime

You hear a gunshot and a second after you see 8 black guys running away.

100m joke, Watching the olympic 100m is like witnessing a crime

Imagine winning the 100m butterfly...

What would you do with such a big insect?


I walk past a mental Asylum every day and yesterday as I neared I could hear them chanting "Seven..Seven..Seven." This continued as I walked along the wooden fence and I found myself looking for a gap to see what was going on. About 100m down the fence i spotted a hole where the knot had fallen out and hurried towards it. I jammed my eye up to the hole, rather excited to see the ruckus and a finger sprung out and jabbed me in th eye. "Eight..eight..eight."

My first sex was like 100m dash...

... with 8 black men and a gun.

Who is faster?

Usain Bolt in the 100m finals or Ryan Lochte running through the airport to catch his flight out of Brazil?

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It's okay to hate a race.

I, for example, hate 100m sprint!

What do you get when you put 8 black men and a Gun together ?

The 100m Olympic Finals, ofcourse.

What's white and in the men's 100m track final?

The lines.

I'm gonna go ahead and make a racist comment by saying..

I think the 400m relay is a better race than the 100m sprint.

Usain Bolt did the 100m in 9.63 seconds..

I can't do anything that quick!
It took me 10 seconds to watch him run it!

100m joke, Usain Bolt did the 100m in 9.63 seconds..

I like to be positive

Even though I'm unemployed and recently got evicted, I could still destroy Stephen Hawking in a 100m dash.

I'm not racist, but some races are simply inherently more important than others.

For example, the presidential race is much more important than some 100m dash.

A fort under siege held a 100m race for the women.

Mary, Pam and carol were the top three, sally fourth.

I have mixed race parents, my dad prefers the 100m

and my mom is Hispanic

My parents are mixed-race..

My Dad prefers the 100m sprint and my Mom prefers the 400m hurdles

Did you hear about the 100m dash?

It was a page turner.

The last time I had sex was like the 100m Olympic dash

Surrounded by 8 black men with their loaded guns

I used to be the fastest mathematician in my country.

Turns out most of them aren't very good at 100m sprints.

Why did the 100m sprinter get a lead medal?

He got a Pb

I just witnessed a feet amputee man challenge a kid to a 100m race

but sadly he lost, he was defeeted

100m joke, I just witnessed a feet amputee man challenge a kid to a 100m race

Why is it better to not have limbs or a body during the 100m?

Because you're always ahead.

Do you know what's over 100m long and eats only potatoes ?

A line leading to a butcher's shop in the Communist Bloc.

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