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I got my student loans down from 100k to 50k overnight with this super easy life hack.



It's interesting how different parts of the country have different ways of saying the same thing.

For instance, in most parts of the country, having an income of $100k or more is called "making six figures".

However, here in San Francisco, we call that same thing "living above the poverty line".


I went to the doctor and told him that I'm having trouble 'satisfying' the wife. He told me I should do what he does, so I asked, What's that, then?

He chuckled, Earn 100k a year!"


Blue pigeon

There's a town that has a major pigeon problem. There's millions of them shitting on everything.

The town decides to have a meeting and figure out what to do about it. One man in the crowd says "there's a man that guarantees he can take care of the pigeons, but under two conditions: we have to pay him $100K up front, and we can only ask one question after he's done."

The town agrees that it's worth it, and so they hire the man.

The man comes to town with a little blue pigeon in a cage. He opens the cage and the pigeon begins to slowly circle the town. One by one, every pigeon in the town joins the blue one to form a huge flock. The man leaves town and the flock follows.

A week later the man returns and says he's ready to be asked the one question they're allowed. The mayor walks to the man and says, "Do you have a blue Mexican?"


The Russian army orders 100K rubbers from a US company, specifying 12" fit needed.

The US firm fills the order with packaging marked "MEDIUM."


What does Xxxtentacion fans call a $100k donation to a charity

A ticket to an all you can beat buffet


The Fine Bros should be join the Criminal Minds team

After all, they did find 100k unsubs in just one day.


How much does a Humvee cost the U.S. Military?

Around $1.1 million. $100k to buy it, and $1 million to destroy it after ISIL captures it.


Last year I netted over 100k before taxes doing gay porn

"That's gross, dude", my mom said.


If I got 100k upvotes then something bad would happen.

Well for starters, 4 people already died!


How much money do i need to give you for you to eat meat?

Vegetarian: "umm idk, 100k?"

Me: "HAH! So you do want to eat meat!"


Worrying about money kept me up at night. My mom told me to put my money in my mattress because you can't trust banks.

So I bought a $100k mattress and now I sleep like a baby.


I just made the easiest 100k of my life



Chelsea asks Hilary to dinner

100k for a meet-and-greet, 250 to say hello and 400,000 for dinner.


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