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Dad: What did you get in your tests?

Son: Nearly a 100 for every test.
Dad: What do you mean **nearly** a hundred?
Son: Well, I got the zero's . . .

I asked my Google assistant to tell me what was the name of the number with 100 zeros

I've already tried 5 times, and it keeps refreshing to the main page. Geez, thanks a lot.

A little girl tells her father that she almost for 100% in her last test...

The father was really proud, and then asked what was the mark she got.
The little girl reply: There's only one Zero missing!

A man sits next to a blonde on an airplane...

He says to the blonde, knowing he could outsmart her, If I give you a question you cannot answer, you must pay me $10.
But if you give me a question I cannot answer, I will pay you $100.
She agrees, and the man asks his question.
What is the ninth digit of pi?
She says, I have no idea , and hands the man $10. She continues, What has three legs, four eyes, and is nocturnal?
The man responds, after thinking for a good minute, I have zero clue and hands the woman $100.
What was the answer to that question, by the way?
The woman responds, I don't know , and hands the man another $10.

So there is a cop hanging out across the street of an Irish pub near closing time...

The cop notices a man stumble out of the bar, struggle to open his car and is obviously intoxicated. The man makes it out of the parking lot and is pulled over by the cop immediately.
The cop makes him get out and do all the sobriety tests. He passes with flying colors. He then breathelizes the man and he blows perfect zeros.
The cop, now confused, asks why he is 100% sober and appeared to be drunk walking out of the pub. The man responds "I wasn't drinking tonight because I'm the DD". The cop, even more confused responds, "but you aren't driving anyone home". The man replies "Yeah I know. I'm the Designated Decoy".

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