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My wife said she wanted her birthday gift to go from 0-200 in less than ten seconds...

...so I bought her a bathroom scale.

My wife demanded I had something that went 0-200 in less than 6 seconds in the driveway for here birthday.

She woke up to find a scale.

My wife said that for Christmas, she wanted something that went from 0-200 in 6 seconds;

so I got her a scale.

Bob forget his wife's wedding anniversary

His wife was mad and demanded that there be something in the driveway the next morning that will go 0-200 in 6 seconds, AND IT BETTER BE THERE.

So the next morning comes around and there was a massive box in the driveway.

His wife unwrapped the present excited, to find a set of bathroom scales.

Bob hasn't been seen since last Friday.

My fat girlfriend demanded that for her birthday I get her something in the driveway that goes 0-200 in 5 seconds.

Apparently a scale wasn't what she was thinking.

A man forgets his wife's birthday...

So his wife says to him "tomorrow I better wake up and there will be something with a bow on it that go from 0-200 in the blink of any eye."

The next day the wife wakes up and in the driveway is a big box with a bow on it. Excitedly she opens the box and much to her surprise all she uncovers is a scale.

For our 25 year anniversary, my wife asked me for a present that goes from 0-200 in seconds.

I got her a bathroom scale.

My wife told me she wants something that goes 0-200....

I told her to go step on the scale!

For my birthday I wanted something that could go 0-200 in 5 seconds or less. My wife said she had the perfect gift idea

A bathroom scale wasn't what I had in mind

Jason's wife Liane wanted something that in 6 seconds goes from 0-200..

So he bought her a bathroom scale.

You're fat liane, don't sugar coat it. Because you'll just eat that too.

My wifes birthday

My wife asked me for something that went from 0-200 insanely fast.
Bought her a pair of scales

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My Wife Went To The Car Dealership...

She asked me to buy her something that goes 0-200 in under 5 seconds.

So I bought her a scale instead.

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