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In the toy shop in my area, packet balloons cost $0.10 each, but $10 when filled with air?

God damn inflation.


I enjoy rating countries on a 0-10 scale

I give Nepal a solid 7.8. The score is so high, it's ground breaking


I like to pick up girls at gas station convenience stores.

Why? Simple math.

Everyone knows the Hotness scale of 0-10. However, not many know the amount of people at each level.

Assuming 7.4 Billion people there are:

~5 billion 5's

~1 billion 6's

~100 million 7's

~9 million 8's

~220 thousand 9's

~2 thousand 10's.

Now the scale is weighted upwards. So 6's are all people between 6 and 6.99999, 7's are people between 7 and 7.9999 etc.

However, this means that 10's are actually 10's and up.

So the eternal question, are there 11's?

Yes, there are 11's and that's why I hang out at convenience stores for you see,

There are exactly 7-11's.


No words can describe how beautiful you are..

but numbers can 0/10


I spilled water on my computer. 0/10.

10/10 with rice.


What do 0/10 little boys enjoy?

Catholic priests


Don't Commit Suicide

0/10 people who commit suicide recommend it.


A gymnast walks into a bar..



The 'Shazam' app doesn't work.

It says it's listening, but I keep saying 'Shazam!' and nothing happens. 0/10.


I went on a starvation diet...

10/10 without rice

0/10 with rice


An asshole walked into a bar.

0/10 worst penetration ever.


If I got 0,01 cent for every time I was told how smart I am

I would be sill 0,10 cent short for lollipop.


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