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Wife to husband: Did I get fat during quarantine?

Husband replies: you weren't really that skinny to be begin with!
Time of death: 11:00pm
Cause of death: Covid-19

An apartment building with three floors...

There is an apartment building with three floors. A different family lives on each floor. Floor one a black family. Floor two a Mexican family. Floor three a white family. Unfortunately a tornado destroys the apartment building at 2:00PM, leaving only one surviving family. Which family survived? The white family ofcourse because the kids were at school and their parents were at work.

Why did the patient take his medication at 6:00pm when the doctor said to take it at 9:00pm?

He wanted to surprise the bacteria!

Nerds Unite Comedy Show @ Nampa Karcher Mall Sat, Jan 24th 2:00pm

Remember the old adage about New Year's Eve? If you're not in bed by 10:00pm...

You might as well go home.

One day, a hippie and a nun get on a bus.

The hippie whispers into the nun's ear and says
"You wanna have s**...?" and the nun says,
"No way you sicko!", after that, the hippie gets off the bus and tells the bus driver to tell the nuns to go to the graveyard at 9:00pm that night.
At 9:00pm the nun arrives at the graveyard and the hippie is there dressed as god.
The hippie then commands the nun to have s**... with him and the nun replies,
"Ok, but can you do it up the back?", the hippie agrees and they do it.
After they're done, the hippie pulls of his mask and yells,
"HA! I am the hippie from the bus" then the nun pulls of HIS mask and says "HA! I am the bus driver!"

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